Philadelphia Hash House Harriers Run #1976

Philly H3 #1976 - TUESDAY AUGUST 8th @ 6:30pm - West Fairmount Park. Location here. Pack off around 6:45-7pm SHT.
WHO: Tits of Steel
WHY: It's summer time and we need to refresh our familiarity with the trail.

Starting Location: West Fairmount Park Belmont Plateau ungated lot, Montgomery Drive and Belmont Mansion Rd. See photo below for where to park unless you are fast and know you won't get lost and your car locked in at 9pm for the night. Meetup: 6:30pm Pack off around 6:45/7ish
$5 Hash cash. See a sneak preview of stuff that may or may not be on the 1977th trail and get a taste for some of the terrain you may experience for the Mayor's Cup race.
Bring a headlamp just in case you need it!

Parking Map:

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