Philadelphia Hash House Harriers Run #1973

Philly H3 #1973 - TUESDAY JULY 18th @ 7pm - TACO TUESDAY DOUBLE TEAM ACTION aka PHACO H3? Meet up around 7pm. Pack off around ~7:30 pm SHT. $5 Hash Cash. Location here. $5 Hash Cash. No idea what you will need, in doubt bring a headlamp + dry bag just to be cya.

Note the later time start on this one!! Come join us as Philly H3 double teams with Taco Tuesday H3 in FABULOUS Pennsauken, NJ for an evening of trail (hared by Tits of Steel and Taco? I Barely Know Her), beer and tacos! We go together like ingredients in a warm tortilla! Meet up at 7:00pm, pack off at ~7:30'ish. Hash cash is $5 which gets you trail, cooler access, trail and Mexican circle beer. Post-circle tacos and beer are pay as you go. (Bobby Ray's is doing $1.50 beef tacos just for us!)
Starting Location: Bobby Ray's Pennsauken Tavern, 6324 Westfield Ave, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110 Meetup: 7pm Pack off by 7:30ish SHT
Hash Cash: $5
Bring taco money and post circle beer money if you want to partake in the apres.

Philadelphia Hash House Harriers Run #1974

Philly H3 #1974 - TUESDAY JULY 25th @ 6:30pm - Let's drink fancy beer at the Kennett Brewing Co Hash. Meet at Kennett Brewing Company at 109 S. Broad St #2., Kennett Square, PA 19348. Hey, isn't this Hockessin Terrain? Maybe... Want a better hashing location? Volunteer to hare. Meet up around 6:30pm. Pack off whenever we are done drinking delicious brews. If anyone actually wants to hare. Prelube on you, pay as you go. Location here. Pack off when we want.

Starting Location: Kennett Brewing Co. - click here for map, 109 S Broad St #2, Kennett Square, PA 19348 Meetup: 6:30pm Pack off around ???
Bring cash for drinking new beers and maybe someone will want to set a trail or maybe not.

Parking Info: there are meters on the streets and also a parking garage located here at Maple Street between Broad and Union.

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