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Congratulations to our new Grand Master Under the Siege and our other new officers.  You can see the full roster of reprobates here.

We are looking for Hares. Sign up now- more info here!

Receding Hareline


More details coming soon!

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Philly H3 #2005 - MUMMER'S DAY HASH -- Tradition! Fun! New Year's Day 2019! More info coming soon.

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PHAMILY PHRIENDLY HASHES -- Approximately once a month there will be an all-ages, family-friendly trail set for the kiddos. Have you stopped hashing bc you have little kids? Come back and bring 'em! Details coming soon on the next PHAMILY PHRIENDLY TRAIL!

May-August we hash most Tuesdays at 6:30pm unless a hare specifically requests a Saturday. Sign up today! Trails without hares/volunteers will be held pick-up style all summer long to enjoy the spring and summer hashing. Request a Tuesday trail location that you want to hash in and/or offer to hare!
See the Full Google Calendar Below! (ooh 21st century)
All those empty dates are wide open for YOU to sign up!!!

If you have trouble viewing the calendar - Click here to see all upcoming hashes on the schedule - that we are currently aware of...
We are trying to add an alternate "nearby" hash of the week within a couple hours driving distance on the weeks Philly does not have a scheduled local hash and will be alternating local nearby kennels to give you all some love. So if you know of one we should include, contact Tits of Steel.



WE NEED YOU to hare! It's a wide open slate of what you can do. Want to set a trail with Cupcake Nears? Do you want to drink margaritas instead of beer? Want to do a 13.1 mile/13.1 beer half marathon? Do you like to do short trails with lots of walking? Want to do a water balloon trail? Do you have a backyard we can camp out in or a huge basement or living room where people can stay overnight? Or maybe you want it nowhere near your home because hashers are dirty and you have white carpets - you can do it all out of a bar or park. Schedule your hash today and give us the details! Sign up here.

Where Does the Philly Hash Run?

The Philly hash has a wide geographical area available for hashing -- from the city of Philadelphia and its parks (Fairmount, Belmont, Wissahickon, Pennypack) to the surrounding areas: Main Line, Delco, New Hope, Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell, Whitemarsh, Ridley Creek State Park, the marshes down by the airport, Dirty Jerzey, and more, are available for you to explore and hare through. Dancing Fool even set a trail up in Pottstown recently. Choose your favorite places, and let us know. We can even do a joint hash with another kennel like LVH3, Reading, Hockessin, or Princeton for more overlap if we're near one of their areas. Sign up here.

Hare Obligations - How Much Is this Gonna Cost Me?

In the past, some people were intimidated by haring a Philly H3 trail because of the expense required and the lavish spreads many old-timer Philly H3'ers put on. However this has not been required of our hares for some time. You just need to provide beer for the BN and circle/apres and some light snacks (pretzels, orange food, potato chips, pb&j sandwiches, etc.) for circle noshing. You can also do more if you like. You tell us how much hash cash is needed (within reason, e.g. $5/$10/$15) and you keep all or most all of the funds to offset your expenses. Some hares still choose to sponsor the hash from time to time while others charge a modest hashcash fee. Or you can ask us to do a pickup trail at the location of your choice, the hash brings the BN/Circle beer and we keep the hash cash collected for future expenditures, hab and deposits on venues/tips/etc. Or maybe you are a great cook and party planner but hate setting trail? We can find you a co-hare to help set the trail or make your backyard the location of a pickup draw straws hash!

We can work something out that works with you, we just need hares and harriers to keep this hash going. Sign up here.


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Philadelphia Hash House Harriers


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Runs are every Saturday at 3:00pm (or otherwise noted) until May at which time they switch to Tuesdays at 6:30pm (except when they are at other times, hopefully also noted).

Are you looking for other hashes in the Keystone State?  If so, click here for the skinny.  Note that most of the links are out of date so you might do better with Google.

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